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echoes_of_stones (2019 - 2020)

echoes_of_stone is a sound experiment in three iterations. Each iteration is singular but still presents similarities with the other ones. They are variations without being reproductions, slight displacements. Through this movement, thought moves as well, allowing for reconfiguration.

The basis for the experiment is to play back in a room its main resonant frequencies, as multiple beating sine waves. The measurements of those frequencies were made beforehand, at different positions, giving a sonic “map” of the room. The frequencies were then played as a long drone for several minutes. The participants were invited to experience the room, without much indications, listening for change and movement in sound. In a way, the room was itself being activated through sound. It became something else, an other space, a heterotopia where sound was “co-constituting” space.

The first iteration took place during a “sound workshop” in the basement/theatre rehearsal room of the University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.

The second iteration was performed on September 14th, 2019 , at the St-Willibrord church of Gravelines, France. If the installation was fairly similar — a set of sine waves blasting in a room — it is itself a new configuration.

The last iteration to date is another displacement. It is a de-territorialisation of the experiment and thus, of the experience itself. Based on the measurements taken in the church, a series of “compositions” were produced, only using digital tools. From the measurements, impulse response files could be produced, into which sine wave synths could be played at different “positions”. One can thus “hear” how the church sounded in a walk that never existed. It is the re-creation of a room that never was, a mere abstraction activating space.