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yeg_scaping (2023)

Audio-visual performance. Nina Ghayem and Rémy Bocquillon. Performed on Sept. 22nd 2023 at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.


yeg | scaping is a reflection on the notion of “soundscape”, popularised by scholar and composer Raymond Murray Schafer, with an emphasis on the visual connotation of the term. Rather than analysing the sonic particularities of a “place”, the starting point is the photograph of an actual landscape, turned into sound through processes of image sonification. Moving beyond the static image, both in its visual and auditive renderings, the sounds will be re-organised and manipulated live (spectral processing, granular synthesis, etc.), and then fed back into the displayed image itself, distorting, changing, re-modelling the landscape into something else. Choosing a photograph taken in Edmonton, Alberta, where Ghayem and Bocquillon are located at the time of their collaboration, they hope to deliver a personal and new expression of their experience of the city.